The 2012 SNM Annual Meeting has now concluded.

Please save the date for the 2013 Annual Meeting to be held June 8-12 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

AM 2012 - Press

Guidelines for Media Covering SNM's 2012 Annual Meeting

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SNM's 2012 Annual Meeting will take place June 9-13, 2012, at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Fla.

SNM is an international scientific and professional organization of more than 17,000 physicians, technologists, physicists, chemists and radiopharmacists dedicated to improving health care by advancing molecular imaging and therapy.

Each year, SNM hosts a meeting that draws thousands of molecular imaging and nuclear imaging professionals from around the world. The meeting features more than 1,800 scientific papers and posters submitted by scientists, physicians, pharmacists and technologists in the molecular imaging and nuclear medicine fields. In addition, more than 150 manufacturers attend the meeting to showcase and demonstrate the most technologically advanced molecular imaging and nuclear medicine equipment. The SNM Annual Meeting provides numerous news opportunities for the media, ranging from scientific and health care summary presentations to a press conference to poster sessions and technical exhibits.

Eligibility and Registration
Reporting and Interviews

Press Conference

Exhibitor Media Information

Press Office and Contact Information

Eligibility and Registration

Media Eligibility

Registration for the SNM Annual Meeting is complimentary for members of the media who plan to cover the Annual Meeting or press event. SNM press credentials are available to full-time editorial staff reporters employed by a trade publication, news outlet (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.) or online publication.

Complimentary media credentials are also available for freelance writers or contributing editors if they are covering the meeting or press conference for a specific publication. Freelance writers must produce a letter of assignment. Business cards will not be accepted in lieu of a letter of assignment.

Representatives of organizations producing publications, audio or videotapes or other electronic media intended for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes will not be granted media registration. Representatives from these types of organizations must register as paid attendees.

Working press may not also register as exhibitors.


Media registration provides access to all open SNM sessions, press briefings and the exhibit hall during the Annual Meeting. An SNM staff member will escort camera crews filming in areas of the meeting site other than in the press office or press conference facilities (such as in the exhibit hall). All press who wish to film should check in at the SNM press office on-site and ask for an escort.

Advance Registration

Members of the media interested in attending and/or covering SNM's 2012 Annual Meeting should contact Susan Martonik at (703) 652-6773 or smartonik@snm.org. Media representatives will receive a confirmation email after registering. Reporters may pick up their press credentials and registration materials from the SNM press office during posted hours.

Travel information and the online meeting planner are available to help members of the media plan their visit.

On-Site Media Registration

Media representatives registering on-site must do so at the main registration desk. Press credentials and registration materials will be available on-site in the SNM press office.

Reporting and Interviews

Embargoed Materials

SNM supplies prepublication copies of abstracts presented at our Annual Meeting, as well as images, interviews and other support materials, to qualified members of the media who agree to abide by the embargo date set forth by SNM. All materials related to presentations that are highlighted at the press conference at the Annual Meeting are embargoed until the date and time set forth by SNM. Scientific paper and poster presentations not highlighted in the press conference or in a press release at the Annual Meeting are embargoed until the date and time of the scientific presentation.

For a full copy of SNM embargo guidelines, click here.

Use of Audio Recording Equipment

Media may not affix taping devices to the speaker, lectern, speaker's table, microphone or any other power source during the scientific or plenary presentations. Audio recordings are to be used for reportorial notes only.

Scientific Papers and Visuals

In order to help maintain eligibility for peer-reviewed journal publication, scientific papers may not be available to media. Journalists who want to use slides, graphs and other visuals to illustrate coverage must have the presenter's permission. Press office staff will assist in obtaining permission.

Interview Area

SNM's press conference room will be available for media to conduct private interviews. Broadcast media can reserve the room for radio or television interviews through press office staff. The room/studio is not soundproof.

Telephone/Modem Availability

A telephone will be provided in the press office for incoming calls only. A credit card or calling card is required for placing outbound calls.

Electronic Equipment/Power Source

Media using video cameras, lights, audio recording equipment, computers or any other electronic equipment must provide their own battery-operated power source. Media cannot plug into the convention center's power system.

Video/Photo Regulations

Television and video crews and still photographers must be accompanied by a press office representative when shooting in the convention center. Shooting schedules should be faxed to Susan Martonik at (703) 708-9018 prior to the meeting, if possible, to ensure press office staff availability.

Scientific Presentations/Plenary Sessions

As a courtesy to presenters, television and video crews and photographers must obtain permission of the speaker and moderator before filming presentations. Television and video crews may not use artificial lights during presentations. Lights may be used only before the session begins or after it concludes. Flash photography is not allowed during scientific presentations or plenary sessions.

Poster Hall

Camera crews and photographers are asked not to interrupt physicians, technologists and others who are studying posters. Interviews may be conducted in the lounge areas or press office. Photography of the poster hall area must be scheduled through the press office.

Exhibit Hall

Exhibits cannot be videotaped or photographed without the express advance consent of the exhibitor. Camera crews must be accompanied by a press office staff representative and must not enter or walk through the exhibit area with cameras rolling.

Exhibitor Press Releases
Press releases from exhibiting companies can be accessed here.

Press Conference

Reporters are invited to attend SNM's press conference, at which significant scientific research will be presented and issues that affect patients and health care discussed by SNM leadership. The press conference will be held on Monday, June 11, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in Room D238. One-on-one interviews can be arranged with press conference participants or study authors. Arrangements can be made by calling Susan Martonik at (703) 652-6773 in advance of the meeting of by visiting the press office during the meeting.

Exhibitor Media Information

SNM makes the press office available as a courtesy to technical exhibitors. Exhibitors may arrange to hold interviews with members of the press in the press office during posted hours. Any exhibitors wishing to hold interviews should call Susan Martonik at SNM at (703) 652-6773 prior to the meeting or visit the press office on-site.

SNM is not responsible for promoting or scheduling third-party interviews. SNM rules prohibit press conferences on the exhibit floor or at hotels or other locations away from the Annual Meeting site. Press representatives invited to such events are asked to notify SNM press office staff.

As a convenience for journalists, press releases and other information from exhibitors will be displayed in the press office. It is inappropriate to provide any exhibitor with the news material of other exhibitors. Exhibitor representatives are not permitted in the press office unless accompanied by a journalist who intends to conduct an interview. Any exhibitor that wishes to disseminate information should bring printed materials to SNM press office staff to display the information.

SNM advises press representatives that it neither reviews for accuracy nor endorses news materials or news conferences sponsored by exhibitors.

Press Office and Contact Information

Press Office Location and Telephone

SNM's press office, Room D 231, includes a work area, news conference room (also available for interviews), wireless and LAN Internet connections and food service. The phone number of the SNM 2012 Annual Meeting press office is (786) 276-4502.

Press Office Hours

Saturday, June 9: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, June 10: 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Monday, June 11: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Tuesday, June 12: 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


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