About the Computer and Instrumentation Council

Computer and Instrumentation Council

The Computer and Instrumentation Council is made up of Society members who have an interest in computers or nuclear instrumentation and their application in therapeutic, diagnostic or investigational nuclear medicine. It provides a source of information relating to computer and instrumentation science to the Society through meetings, seminars, and publications as well as promoting the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in this area.

The Computer and Instrumentation Council's (CaIC) mission is to promote the dissemination of knowledge and the advancement of computers and nuclear instrumentation for diagnosis and treatment in nuclear medicine to its members and to the Society of Nuclear Medicine as a whole. The objectives of the Council to carry out the mission are:

  1. To promote effective use of computers and instrumentation in the diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigational applications of nuclear medicine, including molecular imaging initiatives;
  2. To provide a forum for the members of the Society of Nuclear Medicine who have an interest in computers and instrumentation;
  3. To provide members of the Society of Nuclear Medicine with a source of information on computers and instrumentation.

Computer & Instrumentation Council Board of Directors

Mark F. Smith, PhD Council President
Arman Rahmim, PhD Council Vice President
Richard Laforest, PhD Council Vice President-Elect
R. Glenn Wells, PhD Council Secretary
Michael A. King, PhD, DABR Council Treasurer
James R. Galt, PhD Council Immediate Past President
Robert Doot, PhD Council Board of Directors
Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD Council Board of Directors
Chi Liu, PhD Council Board of Directors
Martha V. Mar, CNMT, NCT,PET, R(CT) Council Board of Directors
Yuan-chuan Tai, PhD Council Board of Directors
Alan B. Packard, PhD Board Liaison

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Member Benefits

Benefits to members:

  1. Direct participation in the CaIC mission and activities. You can contribute!
  2. Support recognition of contributions to Nuclear Medicine Physics and Instrumentation through annual achievement and young investigator awards.
  3. Vote for CaIC officers
  4. Notice of the CaIC annual business meeting and Hoffman award lecture
  5. A subscription to the CaIC newsletter providing information on council activities and initiatives

Benefits to the entire SNMMI (beneficiaries need not be members of the CaIC):

  1. CaIC provides scientific support for the DICOM Committee and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) activities
  2. Council representation on ICANL and SNMMI Phantom and QA Committees
  3. Council contributions to online educational programs of the SNMMI
  4. Council contributions to SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting educational symposia, and categorical seminars and continuing education sessions at SNMMI annual meetings

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