About the Pediatric Imaging Council

Pediatric Imaging Council

The Pediatric Imaging Council provides a conduit for the sharing and dissemination of information unique to pediatric nuclear medicine. It serves as a forum for individuals involved in pediatric scintigraphic imaging to meet and discuss common problems and experiences. Established to further advance the interests of pediatric imaging within the SNM, the council serves as a liaison to other pediatric imaging organizations, and to advance both research and education related to pediatric nuclear medicine.

Pediatric Nuclear Medicine "List Server"
The Pediatric Imaging Council maintains a "list server" through the auspices of the SNM. The list server provides a means for sharing information about Pediatric Nuclear Medicine with all the participants on the list server. A message to the list server appears as email in the mailboxes of all participants on the list server. A reply to the list server also appears as email in the mailboxes of all participants on the list server. In this way, clinical questions can be asked of a large number of individuals skilled in Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and the answers can be read by all participants. Announcements of general interest to the Pediatric Nuclear Medicine community may also be distributed using the list server.

You may subscribe to the list server by sending an email message to mjgelfand@compuserve.com with the following information:

Name and degree (or certification)
Academic or hospital affiliation
Location (city, state or province, country)
Email address

Pediatric Imaging Council Board of Directors

Ruth Lim, MD Council President
Victor Seghers, MD, PhD Council Vice President
Steve Y. Cho, MD Council Secretary/Treasurer
Frederick D. Grant, MD Council Immediate Past President
Zvi Bar-Sever, MD Council Board of Directors
Michael R. Czachowski, MBA Council Board of Directors
Neha Kwatra, MD Council Board of Directors
Michael K. Schultz, PhD Council Board of Directors
Larry A. Binkovitz, MD, MA Non-Voting Member
Martin Charron, MD Non-Voting Member
Michael J. Gelfand, MD, FSNMMI Non-Voting Member
Massoud Majd, MD Non-Voting Member
Helen R. Nadel, MD Non-Voting Member
Marguerite T. Parisi, MD, MS Ed Non-Voting Member
Barry L. Shulkin, MD, MBA Non-Voting Member
Stephanie Spottswood, MD, MSPH Non-Voting Member
Lisa J. States, MD Non-Voting Member
S. Ted Treves, MD Non-Voting Member
Matthew S. Robertson, MD Intern

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