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Residency Openings

Residency Openings

Below is a listing of available nuclear medicine residency positions. Program directors should submit data and update data for their programs using the links below.

Program Directors, send your information to webmaster@snm.org with "Residency Opening Submission" in the subject line to get posted online.

Please submit all updates, changes or modifications to your data to: webmaster@snm.org.

Residency & Fellowship Openings
Name of Institution: Emory University
Residency Openings: 2014: 0
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Contact Info.:

David C. Brandon, MD, Residency Program Director
Email: david.brandon@emoryhealthcare.org

Ranitta McDowell, Residency Program Coordinator
Phone: 404-712-4686
Email: rsmcdow@emory.edu

PET/CT Fellowships: 2014: 2
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Contact Info.:

Daniel J. Lee, MD, PET/CT Fellowship Director
Phone: 404-712-4843
Email: djlee5@emory.edu

Gail Foster, PET/CT Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 404-712-4843
Email: guwaifo@emory.edu

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