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Molecular Imaging: Making a Difference

Molecular Imaging: Making a Difference

Molecular imaging is a vital element of today's patient care, adding an additional dimension to diagnosis that can change the way common and devastating diseases are understood and treated. See how molecular imaging is making a difference in the lives of patients each day.

February 13, 2012
Increases in [18F]FDDNP Tied to Future Cognitive Decline

February 10, 2012
Sugar molecules enabled efficient detection of precancerous cells in esophagus

February 10, 2012
Choline-PET/CT changes prostate cancer treatment plans

February 2, 2012
Patients' brains may adapt to ADHD medication

February 1, 2012
Florbetapir PET detects rising beta amyloid in healthy adults

January 29, 2012
Circ: Inflammation imaging + structural imaging may predict atherothrombotic risk

January 28, 2012
PET/CT detects head/neck cancer recurrences earlier

January 27, 2012
PNAS: fMRI highlights dyslexia characteristics

January 25, 2012
German study confirms image quality of hybrid PET/MRI

January 25, 2012
Addiction linked to heightened dopamine D3 levels

January 24, 2012
Lifelong Active Brains Have Fewer Deposits Of Alzheimer's Protein

January 23, 2012
Laser-guided Cancer Drugs: Cancer treatment augmented by new photoimmunotherapy

January 20, 2012
ASCO: PET, PET/CT show broad utility in gastrointestinal cancer

January 20, 2012
Shifting the paradigm in surgical vision with fluorescence molecular imaging

January 17, 2012
GE touts flutemetamol study results

January 16, 2012
Johns Hopkins molecular imaging center delves into various cancers

January 13, 2012
BSGI helps detect more breast cancer, alter treatment

January 12, 2012
Endorphin study may help refine alcohol treatment

January 11, 2012
SPECT-CT Is Good Predictor of Response to Vertebroplasty

January 11, 2012
Contrast CT, PET/CT assess cancer therapy for melanoma

January 11, 2012
Brain scans could diagnose and monitor glioma brain tumours

January 9, 2012
PiB-PET finds exercise reduces Alzheimer's risk

December 30, 2011
PET tracer 4DST beats FDG for imaging cancer proliferation

December 29, 2011
Decision support tool may help diagnose Alzheimer’s

December 28, 2011
Radiology: PET could serve as surrogate marker for head, neck cancer outcomes

December 19, 2011
Radiology: PET could serve as surrogate marker for head, neck cancer outcomes

December 16, 2011
PET/CT can detect mediastinal lymphoma in children

December 16, 2011
Radiology: PET/CT can detect mediastinal lymphoma in children

December 13, 2011
PET can benefit aortic stenosis patients

December 12, 2011
New scanning strategy could help develop heart disease treatments

December 8, 2011
New imaging agent has an appetite for dangerous prostate tumors

December 6, 2011
Label-free, pulsed laser-driven imaging tool tracks nanotubes in cells, blood

December 5, 2011
Ecstasy users' brains show toxic effects

December 2, 2011
Nuclear medicine ideal for dense breasts

December 2, 2011
Radioimmunotherapy shows promise against fungal diseases

November 30, 2011
Scans May Discern Between Two Types of Dementia

November 30, 2011
PET-CT Scan Can Help in Detecting Conn's Syndrome, Say Researchers

November 29, 2011
PET/CT prevents dissections for head and neck cancer patients

November 29, 2011
FDG-PET is cost-effective 1st imaging option for dementia

November 29, 2011
BSGI Shown to Have Greater Sensitivity, Specificity

November 29, 2011
Scan can spot 'curable cause of high blood pressure'

November 28, 2011
PET/MR + 7T MR represents next great leap for radiology

November 28, 2011
Nuclear medicine shows promise for dense breast tissue

November 16, 2011
Mesothelioma Prognosis Accuracy Improves with PET/CT 'Delayed Phase'

November 10, 2011
DOTA-NOC-PET/CT aids neuroendocrine tumor treatment

November 9, 2011
PET with FDDNP helps find depression cause

November 9, 2011
New scan can speed Parkinson's diagnosis

November 8, 2011
Imaging technique IDs plaques, tangles in brains of severely depressed older adults

October 23, 2011
UAB's cancer center and its French connection find hope in a rare isotope

October 21, 2011
New technology aiding in Parkinson's treatment

October 19, 2011
Wash. U. Scientists Use Brain Scans to Prove ADD Meds Really Work

October 18, 2011
Premature Babies Linked to Heart, Metabolism Problems Later In Life

October 13, 2011
Deposition of amyloid is 'an early event'

October 7, 2011
New research shows PET imaging effective in predicting lung cancer outcomes

September 21, 2011
Results Of PET/CT Scans May Predict Survival In Multiple Myeloma Patients

September 20, 2011
Helping Doctors See a Patients Pain

September 19, 2011
New treatment for prostate cancer

September 18, 2011
ESGO: Post-therapy PET Predicts Cervical Cancer Survival

September 18, 2011
Glowing cells guide cancer surgeons

September 8, 2011
Falling may be a sign of Alzheimer's

September 5, 2011
Researchers find possible drug target for PTSD

September 5, 2011
Dr. Alan Solomon: Dedicating life to finding treatment for catastrophic diseases

September 2, 2011
New tool helps doctors pinpoint chronic pain

September 2, 2011
JACC: SPECT perfusion imaging predicts death in women

August 24, 2011
Brain Scans Show Risk Factor for Alzheimer's

August 21, 2011
Study: PET confirms efficacy of estrogen-blocking drugs

August 17, 2011
Knocked Out: Bell Ringing

August 12, 2011
Indoor Tanning May Be Addictive, Study Confirms

August 11, 2011
"Good Fat" Most Prevalent in Thin Children

August 10, 2011
Men just can't help acting on impulse

August 10, 2011
Local study looks at PET imaging safety for pregnant women

August 9, 2011
FDG-PET finds bone marrow involvement in Hodgkin's lymphoma

August 8, 2011
Despite false positives, PET/CT can help manage HIV patients

August 3, 2011
Absolute Blood Flow Better Predictor of Cardiac Events

August 3, 2011
Smokers may feel depressed after quitting

August 2, 2011
Naviscan touts PEM study results

August 1, 2011
Efforts to Standardize Molecular Imaging Blossom as Industry Agencies Unite

August 1, 2011
Proteins Reveal Their Secrets Under Pressure

July 25, 2011
AJR: A molecular theranostics primer

July 20, 2011
FDG-PET/CT helps detect sarcoidosis in extremities

July 18, 2011
Mom Has Alzheimer's? Your Risk May Be High

July 15, 2011
Criteria updated in diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

July 9, 2011
Duke Center Studies Addiction to Nicotine

June 27, 2011
DOPA-PET helps diagnose Parkinson's from other disorders

June 24, 2011
PET/MRI at 9.4T promises gains in neuroimaging

June 24, 2011
Treadmill tests don't compromise follow-up FDG-PET

June 22, 2011
First-Ever Study of Integrated PET/MRI Technology Shows Promise for Detection of Cancerous Tumors

June 13, 2011
Advances in PET Scans

June 7, 2011
Diabetes Related Amputations Benefit from Combined Imaging

June 6, 2011
Alzheimer's disease screening coming to a corner near you?

May 27, 2011
Brains of young apes absorb Tamiflu better

May 26, 2011
Five hot trends in healthcare technologies

May 24, 2011
FDG-PET Helps Assess TB Treatment

May 23, 2011
Men with type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer cardiovascular complications than women

May 20, 2011
Eating may make anorexics anxious

May 17, 2011
Quitting smoking may be down to our genes

May 13, 2011
PET-CT Scan Preferred in the Diagnosis of Mesothelioma

May 12, 2011
FEC-PET/CT helps direct radiation to prostate tumors

May 12, 2011
PET/CT helps target radiation therapy of NSCLC tumors

May 11, 2011
Image-Guided Radiotherapy for Liver Metastases Spares Healthy Liver

May 4, 2011
C Dots Give Doctors Eyes for Cancer

May 2, 2011
Secondhand Smoke Derails Quit-Smoking Efforts

May 2, 2011
Early-onset Alzheimer's Identified

April 29, 2011
FDG-PET/CT defines head, neck tumors

April 20, 2011
Study: Negative FDG PET/CT can rule out thyroid surgery

April 20, 2011
Bowel-cleansing methods affect PET/CT image interpretation

April 18, 2011
Myocardial perfusion SPECT with prone and half-time imaging feasible

April 13, 2011
Ioflupane SPECT imaging can diagnose Parkinson's disease

April 11, 2011
PET widely applicable for coronary endothelial function

April 6, 2011
PET shows onset of brain damage among welders

April 3, 2011
Calcium predicts future CV events in those with abnormal PET

March 31, 2011
Study: PET-guided breast biopsy safe and effective

March 26, 2011
Abnormal Metabolic Brain Networks in Tourette Syndrome

March 22, 2011
PET Imaging in Adults With Down Syndrome Feasible, Revealing

March 18, 2011
Rodent of the Week: A wearable, portable PET scanner for rats

March 17, 2011
Dopamine Function Predicts Therapy Response in Cocaine Addicts

March 15, 2011
Important Changes to NCCN Guideline on NHL

March 2011
Preclinical to Clinical: 18F-FLT PET Imaging Moving from Mice to Men

March 8, 2011
PEM tops whole-body PET for assessing extent of cancer

March 7, 2011
AR: Lung cancer imaging in the era of molecular medicine

March 2, 2011
The mere sight, smell of food hikes dopamine levels in binge eaters

February 24, 2011
PET/MRI works for detecting head and neck tumors

February 22, 2011
Microbubble Ultrasound Offers More Targeted Breast Biopsies

February 22, 2011
Cellphone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity

February 21, 2011
Green smart meter technology linked with health risk

February 16, 2011
JACC: FDG-PET elucidates link between periodontal disease & carotid plaque

February 14, 2011
FDA clears nanoparticle for human cancer imaging

February 14, 2011
Why women get anxious at that 'time of the month'

February 7, 2011
New Sugar Solution May Detect Cancer Sooner

February 2, 2011
PET Valuable for Diagnosing and Staging Mesothelioma

January 31, 2011
Novel Cancer-Targeting Investigational Nanoparticle Receives FDA IND Approval for First-in-Human Trial

January 21, 2011
FDA recommends approval of new compound in Alzheimer's detection

January 20, 2011
FDA Seeks More Evidence for Alzheimer's Scanning Agent

January 20, 2011
ASCO GI: Therapy Guided by PET No Help in Rare Cancer

January 19, 2011
PET-Detected Response to Chemo Means Better Prognosis in Esophagogastric Junction Cancer

January 18, 2011
Two Tests Could Aid in Risk Assessment and Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's

January 18, 2011
Imaging Procedure Can Identify Biomarker Associated With Alzheimer Disease

January 14, 2011
FDG-NaF 'cocktail' beats FDG in detecting malignant lesions

January 12, 2011
Radiology: PET/CT effective for lung RF ablation follow-up

December 29, 2010
Imaging specialists see cardiovascular disease before it turns critical

December 22, 2010
Doctor frustrated by delay: Cancer Institute 'not fulfilling their commitment'

December 15, 2010
Nanoscale gene ‘ignition switch’ may help spot and treat cancer

December 14, 2010
Case study: First PIB PET Alzheimer's patient shows molecular changes

December 12, 2010
Novel imaging technique may cut lymphedema in breast cancer patients

December 10, 2010
Combination Radiation and Chemotherapy Successfully Treats Anal Cancer

December 8, 2010
Mesothelioma Tumor Detection Improves With PET Scanners During Surgery

December 7, 2010
PET/CT Helps Predict, Detect Lung Cancer Recurrence After Radiofrequency Ablation

December 6, 2010
JNM: 68Ga-citrate PET/CT holds promise for evaluating bone infections

December 4, 2010
Study: PET can help identify genetic risk of Alzheimer's

December 1, 2010
Scans Could Aid Diagnosis of Brain Trauma in Living

November 30, 2010
JNM: Low-dose FDG PET/CT enterography improves assessment in Crohn's

November 28, 2010
RSNA: Whole-body PET/MR may prove useful for oncology

November 22, 2010
Medical Imaging Breakthrough Uses Light and Sound to See Microscopic Details Inside Our Bodies

November 17, 2010
Study: FDG PET/CT valuable in staging and followup of anal carcinoma

November 15, 2010
PEM less likely to prompt unnecessary biopsies

November 10, 2010
JNM: PET/CT + 18F-fluorocholine bests 18F-FDG for hepatocellular carcinoma detection

November 2, 2010
Molecular imaging technique pinpoints changes that take place in injured brain

October 31, 2010
JCO: FDG PET predicts outcomes in esophageal cancer

October 29, 2010
BJC: Hyperpolarized 13C-labeled substrates detect breast cancer treatment response

October 23, 2010
Shedding New Light on the Brains of Patients with Alzheimer's

October 20, 2010
New Tumor Marker May Improve Cancer Detection: Study

October 19, 2010
Raman shows cancer-screening credentials

October 19, 2010
Protocol May Help Predict Outcomes in CRT Implantation

October 18, 2010
Peregrine: brain cancer trial results show promise

October 14, 2010
New EU guidelines tout FDG PET, SPECT for Alzheimer's diagnosis

October 14, 2010
New Method for Accurate Diagnosis of Gall Bladder Cancer

October 7, 2010
Review: PET useful in radiation treatment planning of brain tumors

October 1, 2010
Imaging helps detect underlying cancersr

September 30, 2010
PET-CT Can Detect Asymptomatic Recurrence of Head and Neck Cancer

September 29, 2010
JNM: FDG PET shows aortic inflammation in COPD patients

September 27, 2010
ASNC: Imaging Adds Value for Cardio Risk Assessment

September 22, 2010
Feature: SNM past-president warns that isotope shortage is far from over

September 19, 2010
WMIC: PET helps visualize gene expression after gene transfer

September 13, 2010
Study: PET biomarker gets validation for Alzheimer's disease

September 13, 2010
PET agent unlocks door to Alzheimer's disease

September 7, 2010
FDG-PET predicts event-free survival in Hodgkin's lymphoma

September 1, 2010
JNM: PET/CT and SPECT/CT integral in cancer treatment planning

August 11, 2010
FDG-PET before RT can modify planned NSCLC treatment

July 15, 2010
EJR: PET/CT detects breast cancer in patients w/ negative conventional imaging

July 15, 2010
JCO: Bone scintigraphy may be unnecessary in women undergoing PET/CT

July 13, 2010
PNAS: PET monitors response to immune, gene therapy to control cancer

July 9, 2010
CT, nuclear imaging tests in pregnancy don't raise risk of cancer in kids: study

July 9, 2010
FDG-PET/CT may help quantify Crohn's disease severity

June 30, 2010
Predicting Alzheimer's: PET Scan Plus Memory Test Works Best

June 14, 2010
SPECT/CT carves a niche in emerging radiotherapy

May 5, 2010
FDG-PET/CT detects recurrence of colorectal cancer

May 3, 2010
PET can help clarify dementia diagnoses

April 30, 2010
FDG-PET uptake linked to risk of acute aortic dissection

April 27, 2010
Study: FDG-PET/CT predicts responders, non-responders in bone sarcoma

April 2, 2010
PET-guided treatment reduces events in heart patients

March 18, 2010
PET/CT Best Imaging Method for Detecting Neuroendocrine Tumours Metastases to the Heart

March 18, 2010
FDG-PET May Influence Management of Vulvar Carcinoma: Presented at SGO

March 16, 2010
PEM Scanners May Reduce Unnecessary Breast Biopsies And Offer An Alternative For Women Who Cannot Tolerate MRI

March 16, 2010
Brain scans show signs of early Alzheimer's: study

March 4, 2010
PNAS: Fluorescence + MR imaging probe can guide cancer surgery

February 22, 2010
FDG-PET/CT outdoes MDCT in certain colorectal cancer patients

February 11, 2010
PET scan can increase accuracy of head/neck cancer staging

January 15, 2010
DOPA PET/CT can alter therapy for neuroendocrine tumors

January 12, 2010
Study: PET/CT detects cancers when routine oncologic evaluations fail

January 11, 2010
Lancet: FDG-PET could distinguish between Parkinsonian disorders

January 11, 2010
Cancer: Early FDG PET identifies patients unresponsive to chemotherapy

January 5, 2010
PET plays key role in Parkinson's research

December 29, 2009
Second PET scan can spot seizure origin in epilepsy patients

December 17, 2009
SPECT as accurate as CT for diagnosing pulmonary embolism

December 16, 2009
Study: FDG PET/CT has diagnostic value for pediatric fever, inflammation

December 15, 2009
Brain Plaques in Healthy Individuals Linked to Increased Alzheimer's Risk

December 7, 2009
Study: SPECT and PET useful for diagnosing bone and joint infections

November 16, 2009
Study: PET/CT could predict response to neck and head cancer treatment

November 11, 2009
Bone scintigraphy quantifies knee osteoarthritis

November 10, 2009
Noninvasive Tool Helps Optimize Treatment for Common Uterine Cancer

November 10, 2009
Mesothelioma Treatment: Imaging Scans May Improve Radiation Therapy

October 20, 2009
Study: Lung scintigraphy tops CTA in PE

October 14, 2009
PET/CT scans spot head and neck cancer return

October 13, 2009
Study: PET helps distinguish neurofibroma from sarcoma

October 9, 2009
FDG-PET uptake helps predict vascular events in cancer patients

September 24, 2009
In vivo brain amyloid test predicts progression to Alzheimer's disease

August 20, 2009
Breast imagers, ahoy: New technology on the horizon

August 18, 2009
Estrogen Plays Surprise Role in Breast Cancer Treatment

August 17, 2009
AIM: PET/CT staging more effective for lung cancer, in most cases

July 28, 2009
AAPM: Nanoparticles with radioisotopes developed to treat tumors

July 28, 2009
Cancer will soon be tracked

July 1, 2009
Imaging Technique Allows Researchers to Monitor Protein Changes in Mouse Tumors

July 1, 2009
PET-CT Scans Reduce Futile Lung Cancer Operations

May 26, 2009
PET scan can non invasively measure early assessment of treatment for common type of breast cancer

May 5, 2009
Multimodality imaging tracks cardiac stem cell therapies

April 30, 2009
FDG PET/CT effectively tracks high-risk renal cancer

April 18, 2009
Effect of 18F-FDG PET/CT in esophageal cancer patients with early recurrence lesions

April 14, 2009
Using PET/CT imaging, UCLA researchers can tell after a single treatment if chemotherapy is working

April 2, 2009
CT for brain metastasis unnecessary after PET/CT

March 12, 2009
Report from SIR: Interventionalists assess fluorescing stem cells to treat peripheral vascular disease

February 2, 2009
FDG-PET/CT improves detection of inflammatory breast cancer

December 15, 2008
FDG-PET/CT recommended for staging Hodgkin's disease

December 12, 2008
Breast Cancer: Estrogen a Surprise Treatment for Metastatic Tumors

December 2, 2008
New Breast Cancer Scan Cuts False Alarms: Researchers Say PEM Scan May Be More Accurate Than MRI

December 2, 2008
Impact of PET Scanning Consistent Across All Cancer Types

December 1, 2008
Study: PET/CT detects more lesions than chest CT

December 1, 2008
Molecular Breast Imaging Performs Better Than Ultrasound in Patients With Mammographic Abnormalities

November 30, 2008
FDG PET/CT outperforms whole-body MRI in staging cancer patients

November 11, 2008
PETs may improve leukemia care

November 10, 2008
Zevalin(R) Following Short-Course Chemotherapy with CHOP + Rituximab (CHOP-R) Doubles Complete Remission Rate in First-Line Treatment of Follicular Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma

October 8, 2008
Australian study underscores PET's oncology prowess

October 6, 2008
NOPR: PET changes care of more than a third of cancer patients

September 25, 2008
Reducing Open Cancer Surgery

September 18, 2008
SPECT/CT once again shows value in bone lesion location

September 4, 2008
New Screening Catches More Breast Cancers

September 2, 2008
PET Scans Lead to Treatment Changes in Majority of Colorectal Cancer Patients

September 2, 2008
PET changes care of colorectal cancer patients, study shows

September 1, 2008
New Molecular Imaging Techniques Aim At Detection Of Earliest Steps Of Disease Development And Therapy Response

August 28, 2008
FDG-PET: Potentially significant role in detecting prosthetic joint infection

August 25, 2008
Zevalin® Effective for Patients with Follicular Lymphoma Following an Autologous Transplant

August 25, 2008
Zevalin® Effective for Treatment of Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma

August 25, 2008
FDG-PET for Acute Osteomyelitis

August 20, 2008
PET links brain chemistry, personality

August 11, 2008
Brain imaging may allow Alzheimer's diagnosis

July 22, 2008
FDG-PET May Be Used to Predict Growth of Stage I Lung Cancer

July 17, 2008
PET Scans Offer Information on Breast Cancer Survival

July 17, 2008
PET/CT saves money compared to CT in stem cell transplant patients

July 15, 2008
FDG-PET may individualize lung cancer treatment, researchers say

June 23, 2008
FDG-PET changes treatment plans for glioma patients

June 9, 2008
Radioimmunotherapy Plus Standard Treatment Producing Impressive Survival Rates for Certain Lymphoma Patients

June 7, 2008
Hospital Credits PET Scanner's Early Diagnosis With Drop in Heart Deaths

June 4, 2008
PET/CT imaging better identifies stage of lung cancer, potentially sparing many from invasive surgery

May 5, 2008
Molecular Breast Imaging Shows Promise for Surgical Planning, Screening

May 2, 2008
Whole-body PET Better for Palpable Breast Cancer

May 2, 2008
WVU Researchers Prove Accuracy of PET in Determining Stages of Small Cell Lung Cancer

April 23, 2008
Budget Cuts Threaten High-Tech Cancer Therapies

April 21, 2008
Lifetime of Ill Effects: Drugs Can Stunt Brain Growth

April 11, 2008
Molecular Imaging Reveals Secrets of the Heart

April 10, 2008
MRI and PET/CT Can Prevent Unnecessary Treatment of Some Cervical Cancer Patients

April 10, 2008
Proton MRS Links Fibromyalgia Pain to Changes in Brain Molecule

April 8, 2009
Do Mountains Cause Brain Damage?

March 26, 2008
Brain Scan Technique Spots Alzheimer's

March 24, 2008
A Molecular Camera: PET Accurately Evaluates Response to Tumor Treatment

March 24, 2008
Tale of Two Studies: Investigating the Value of Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging

March 1, 2008
PET/CT: A Game-Changer in Cancer Patient Management


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