SNMMI Press Releases

2010 Annual Meeting News, Announcements, Research

2010 Annual Meeting News, Announcements, Research

Press Releases and Materials
SNM's 57th Annual Meeting
June 5-9, Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Palace Convention Center, Room 257

SNM 2010 News Conference
Monday, June 7, 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. MDT (1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. EDT)

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Image of the Year
6/15/10 SNM 2010 Image of the Year: Molecular Imaging Shows Parathyroid Disease in Greater Detail

SNM News
6/16/10 SNM's 2010 Annual Meeting Reveals Latest Developments in Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
6/7/10 Society of Nuclear Medicine Reprimands Health Insurance Companies and CMS for Refusing to Cover Imaging Tests for Cancer Patients
6/2/10 SNM to Highlight Breakthrough Research to Help Patients with Prostate Cancer, Lymphoma, Alzheimer's Disease
5/21/10 Medical Society Hosts News Conference, Monday, June 7, to Highlight Research and Public Policies Impacting Patient Outcomes
5/20/10 Salt Lake City Proclaims 'Molecular Imaging Days' During SNM's Annual Meeting in June
4/20/10 SNM's 57th Annual Meeting Skype Interviews Media Advisory
3/4/10 SNM's 57th Annual Meeting Media Advisory

Scientific Research
All Scientific Research press releases are embargoed until Monday, June 7, at 11:30 a.m. MDT.
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Can Improve Effectiveness of Novel Therapy for Advanced Heart Disease
6/7/10 When Eyes Aren't Enough: Computer Analysis Can Help Doctors Diagnose Severe Heart Disease
6/7/10 Cardiac Imaging Breakthrough Helps Determine Diminished Blood Flow to the Heart
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General Clinical Specialties
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Reveals Origin of Acid Reflux Disease
6/7/10 Feet First: Molecular Imaging Helps Diagnose Diabetic Foot Infection
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Instrumentation and Data
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Prototype Looks Deep into Soft Tissues of the Brain and Other Organs
6/7/10 Be Still Beating Heart: Molecular Imaging Agent Coupled with 'Motion Frozen' Processing Improves Heart Imaging
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Molecular Imaging
6/7/10 Radioactive Optical Imaging and 'Quantum Dot' Nano-Imaging at the Forefront of Molecular Medicine
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging 'Probes' Pinpoint Prostate Cancer
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6/7/10 Closer to a Cure: PET Imaging Tracks Early Stages of Alzheimer's
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Detects First Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
6/7/10 New Molecular Imaging Agent May Help Visualize Early Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
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Oncology Basic
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Allows Individualized 'Dose Painting' For Head and Neck Cancers
6/7/10 'Scout Scans' Map the Way in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Treatment
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Oncology Clinical
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Helps Predict Breast Cancer Survival
6/7/10 Molecular Imaging Detects Recurrent Prostate Cancer
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Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
6/7/10 Targeted Radioisotope Generator Could Be Used for Molecular Imaging
6/7/10 Cyclotrons Could Alleviate Medical Isotope Shortage
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6/7/10 Molecular Imaging May Be Best for Capturing Renal Transplant Complications
6/7/10 Diabetics Taking Blood-Sugar Lowering Medications May Be at Increased Risk for False Positive Results in Cancer Screenings
6/7/10 New 'Microbead' Radiotherapy More Effective with Molecular Imaging
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Press Conference Materials
6/8/10 SNM Press Conference: Podcast (.mp3, 14.2 MB)
6/7/10 Press Conference Agenda (.pdf)
6/7/10 Speaker Biographies (.pdf)
6/7/10 Research Slides and Image of the Year (.pdf)
SNM/SNMTS Officers
6/3/10 SNM Names Dominique Delbeke President During 57th Annual Meeting
6/3/10 SNM Elects George Segall as President-Elect During 57th Annual Meeting
6/3/10 SNM Elects Frederic Fahey as Vice President-Elect During 57th Annual Meeting
6/3/10 SNM Announces Kathy Hunt as President of Technologist Section During 57th Annual Meeting
6/3/10 SNM Announces Ann Marie Alessi as President-Elect of Technologist Section During 57th Annual Meeting

7/16/10 SNM Honors Outstanding Contributors
6/4/10 Sung-Cheng (Henry) Huang Receives 2010 Benedict Cassen Prize for Research in Nuclear Medicine
6/4/10 Chester A. Mathis Receives SNM's 2010 Aebersold Award for Outstanding Achievement in Basic Nuclear Medicine Science
6/4/10 Bengt Roland Långström Receives SNM's 2010 Georg Charles de Hevesy Nuclear Pioneer Award