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Focusing on the fundamentals of PET imaging in oncology, cardiology and neurology, the new PET Study Guide has been designed to serve as an indispensable reference and review tool to assist technologists preparing for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Review Board (NMTCB) PET Specialty exam.

The SNMMI-TS has reviewed and approved the PET Study Guide for a maximum of 14.0 VOICE (Category A) credits.

Note: The SNMMI-TS does not provide answer keys for educational products awarding VOICE (Category A) credit.  

ISBN # 0-932004-84-9


Learning Objectives:

  • List pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical agents used for routine PET and PET/CT imaging.
  • Describe, in simple terms, the operation of the cyclotron and radionuclide production methods.
  • Explain the required injection techniques and imaging protocols to optimize cardiac, neurology, and oncology PET and PET/CT procedures.
  • Describe factors affecting the biodistribution of FDG PET radiopharmaceutical agents.
  • Summarize indications and contraindications for FDG PET and PET/CT procedures.
  • Compare available instrumentation for PET and PET/CT including selection of detector systems and theory of operation.
  • Summarize the principles of PET/CT image fusion and registration.
  • Specify data analysis techniques used in PET and PET/CT imaging.
  • Identify imaging artifacts.
  • Describe radiopharmaceutical principles and characteristics as they relate to the production of PET radiopharmaceutical agents.
  • List important safety techniques required when working in a PET or PET/CT suite.

Note: The SNMMI-TS does not provide answer keys for educational products awarding VOICE (Category A) credit. You will not be notified of which questions you answered incorrectly, or provided with the correct answers to those questions. Participants can only receive VOICE credit for this activity one time.

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