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Quick Reference Protocol Manual for NM Technologists

List price: $83.95
Member Price: $59.95  

Steves' Review of Nuclear Medicine Technology - 4th Ed.

List price: $99.00
Member Price: $79.00  

Preparation for Certification Examinations
br> Amy Byrd Brady, BS, CNMT

This detailed overview of nuclear medicine technology-updated and expanded to cover patient care, instrumentation, nuclear oncology, electrocardiography, interventional drugs and new therapeutic agents-is complemented by hundreds of self-evaluation questions and answers mirroring the structure of national certification examinations. A proven performance booster!

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Practical Mathematics in Nuc. Med. Technology - 2nd Edition

List price: $99.00
Member Price: $65.00  

An essential tool for technologist students, this newly updated edition helps enhance basic math skills within nuclear medicine technology and increases general knowledge of statistics, radiation safety, instrumentation, radiotherapy and clinical procedures.

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A Clinicians Guide to Nuclear Medicine 2nd Edition

List price: $51.00
Member Price: $34.00  

Andrew Taylor, MD, David M. Schuster, MD and Naomi Alazraki, MD. Hot off the press with many updates on technologies such as PET/ CT and PET, as well as new applications, A Clinician’s Guide to Nuclear Medicine is conveniently organized and covers every essential area of nuclear medicine.

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Guide for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine & Radiopharm. Therapy

List price: $55.00
Member Price: $40.00  

With the recently revised, risk-informed and performance-based requirements of 10 CFR Part 35, the "Guide for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaceutical Therapy" is a must-have resource for practitioners in nuclear medicine.

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Computers In Nuclear Medicine; A Practical Approach 2nd Ed.

List price: $55.00
Member Price: $39.00  

Kai H. Lee, PhD. This newly updated book helps you acquire a basic understanding of how computers work and the processing techniques used to obtain diagnostic information for radionuclide images.

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Diagnostic Patterns in Nuclear Medicine

List price: $63.00
Member Price: $45.00  

Edward B. Silberstein, MD, John G. McAfee, MD, Andrew P. Spasoff

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Nuclear Cardiac Imaging - 2nd Edition

List price: $110.00
Member Price: $79.00  

Focusing on the basic principles and technical aspects of all nuclear cardiac imaging studies, this book is perfect companion for new and veteran technologists and clinicians.

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Guidelines for Patients Receiving Radioiodine Treatment

List price: $28.00
Member Price: $20.00  

Package of 50.

Radioiodine has been used for many years to treat thyroid conditions. It is safe and effective. This pamphlet provides guidelines patients should observe to decrease the small amount of radiation that other people might receive from the patient’s body and bodily fluids.

Nuclear Cardiology Technology Study Guide

List price: $299.00
Member Price: $199.00  

Study Guide developed by Nuclear Medicine technologists wishing to demonstrate their expertise in nuclear cardiology by sitting for NMTCB's nuclear cardiology specialty examination. Technologists with an interest in nuclear cardiology will also find this a valuable education activity.
This activity has been approved for 14.0 VOICE (Category A) credit.

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